Hyde’s Last Buck

I had a lot of dogs, but my very best canine friend was Buck. His namesake is kind of a funny story. My Grandma Hyde had been a widow for over 30 years and lived a very, very frugal existence. She had emigrated from Denmark as a child and grew up in Green River, Wyoming with nothing. My dad was only 18 years old when my Grandfather, whom I wished I had known, passed away. Grandma had to support herself by keeping the books at Dunkley Music and later at a carwash. Somehow during those years she had saved enough to buy each of her grandchildren a U.S. Savings Bong. I think she paid $50 for each of them, but as we got older and the maturity of the bond increased, so did their value. It was with the money from this U.S. Savings Bong that I bought Buck from Wildrose Kennels in Tennessee. His AKC Registered name was “Hyde’s Very Last Buck,” because it was literally our last buck at the time. It was on the day that I got a job offer that we got Buck, which was pretty good timing.

I traveled the road with my job from Rock Springs, Wyoming to Elko, Nevada and all point between. Even down to Richfield, Utah. I took Buck with me on most trips and he would lay on my lap sitting in the passenger seat in between stops at different sporting goods stores. Fred Meyer, Smith’s Osco Drug and the like. We always made sure that our overnights were spent on a river or mountain somewhere. We used to travel across from Rock Springs to Vernal and always stop at Flaming Gorge and fish there or on the Green River. Buck could read my mind, although I never quite got to the point where I could read his.

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